Thursday, August 2, 2012

Geo Super Angel Brown- Circle lens Review!

Geo Super Angel Brown Review

Hello all!

Haven't been updating but I'm back with a circle lens review!

A few month ago I purchased my first circle lens from Candy Jelly Eyes.

This is a new shop that recently opened btw. I decided to buy two pairs of lenses-one for me and another for a friend as a Christmas present. I was looking for a dolly eye look so I chose Geo's Super Angel Grey lens.

***Seriously guys, before you make a purchase on any type of contact lenses online make sure you make an appointment and see an optometrist FIRST! It's best to get your eyes checked! It is extreemmmmlllyyy important to learn proper eye care while dealing with contacts especially what signs to look out for incase of lens damage. Not knowing these types of precautions can lead to serious cornea damage! Losing or damaging your vision to look cute isn't worth it. $20 dollars compared to a cornea transplant surgery that may cost $2000 and up, when you could of saved up $80-$100 for a proper eye exam...yeahhh... Be safe when it comes to your eyes!***

But on to the review!

So I ordered these lens within a batch order. It took one month for the order to process straight from Geo with an additional week for me to receive them. Shipping was pretty fast and the packaging was neatly put together. The 4 vials came in a securely shut envelope with tons of bubble wrap surrounding it. As a result there were no damages to the vials. Since I ordered these lenses during a promotional sale there were no free lens case offered. After I received them I pre-soaked them with Opti-Free Replenish Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution.

Geo super angel brown soaking in contact case
Geo Super angel brown soaking in contact case
Close up of Geo super angel brown soaking
Close up of Geo Super Angel brown soaking 

Basic info for lens:
                                                            Diameter : 14.8mm
Water Content : 38%

Base Curve : 8.6mm

Life Span : 1 year disposal

No Makeup Fluorescent Light geo super angel brown
No Makeup Fluorescent Light
No Makeup Flash geo super angel brown
No Makeup Flash

Lens to no lens comparison geo super angel brown
Left eye: No lens
 Right: With Lens
No makeup Tungsten light (Bathroom Light)

lens to no lens comparison geo super angel brown
Left eye: No lens
 Right: With Lens
No makeup Flash

geo super angel brown
Left eye: With lens
 Right: No Lens
Makeup Flash
geo super angel brown
Geo Super Angel Brown with Makeup
geo super angel brown with makeup side
Geo Super Angel Brown with Makeup

Enlargement: 9/10 

These lens offer a basic dolly eye effect. If you are looking for a lens in between extremely noticeable and subtle I would recommend these. The diameter of these lenses are 14.5. Since I already have such big eyes (lol) it gives a nice change. It also fills out the bottom portion of my sclera- you know the white space of the eye.  (。-ω-)ノ・゚゚・。

Color & Design:8
Even though I wanted the grey ones, I still consider the brown to have a nice vibrant color. It is very saturated and the color can resemble a warm orangey brown.

Comfort: 7/10

These lenses were pretty drying. I found myself using eye drops frequently, to the point I was suspicious that they were damage so as a result I stop wearing them.

You may be thinking...Hey! Did my eyes deceive me? (⊙0⊙) Did I read this entry wrong?(」゚ペ)」 Didn't you mentioned you ordered grey lens? Why are they brown? Well funny isn't funny at all but there was a mix up with my order. The seller made a mistake and gave me the wrong color. By the time I contacted her there was a problem with her email address.  I happend to find the new email address so I sent her an email regarding the order and she was more than willing to offer me a refund but in the end I just decided to keep the lens instead.

Thanks for viewing my review! (I like how that sentence flows....yup my horrible attempt at humor T___T)

Hope I helped out those who are interested!
geo super angel brown review final thoughts

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