Thursday, September 29, 2011


Hello everyone,

Nothing's really been going on in my life. I recently returned to school and my summer was a total waste. I had so many goals-well a couple of goals-that I wanted to meet for this past summer but that totally did not happen. I just hope the following summer does not end up the same =/ I only did a handful of things such as hang out with some friends, fully loose some, work on some nails, and just been stressed with Family crap. But that's life right? Can't pick and choose your battles...

So For the summer I worked on this set:

False Nail art

I also purchased some gal mags, as well Tsubasa Masuwaka's eye shadow palette in Sweet Dolly, and a false eyelashes case during the Mistuwa Japanese festival:

Happie nuts, Dolly wink case, Sweet Dolly Eyeshadow
During the festival I was able to to get two issues of JJ Magazine on sale for like 5 dollars. I was super excited because One of these issues I wanted to buy a while back but never got the chance too. Imagine how appreciative I was when I saw it in the sale box xD. I love JJ for the fashion. These issues had some really nice summer cords.

JJ Magazine & Dazed Tae-Yang Edition
My boyfriend actually purchased the Dazed Mag for me. Which I seriously caught me off guard because he knows I have a massive crush on Tae-Tae LOL Whenever I listen to his album my bf gets super jealous lol(not super jealous but cute jealous) So I was so surprised and also grateful for the gift <3<3

P.S.- Ain't he sexyyy!!!??lolz
Tae Yang

and that ladies and gentleman was my summer. Exciting right? lol

Recently OCC, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics had a grand opening in New York and I attended. OCC is a upcoming cosmetics line who are well known for their lip tars and pigments. The night before I did my nails using lace for the first time:

10 stars for the Epic Broly Poster in the Back xD
Black Lace Nail Art

This was my first time messing with lace and I was pretty please with the results. I just wished I had a slimmer scissors so I could trim certain areas of the lace a bit more.

The OCC Opening was ok, Alot of ppl hardly came because of the rain, and also I heard there was a press party the night before so I guess some of the hype died down? =/ Most of the visitors that attended just came and left. I met some cool people though and it was funny because, besides the love of makeup, we shared the same interest and they live not to far from me. That was just

Heres some pics of the products:
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Pretty Boy fall/winter 2011 Line
The blue lip tar! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ <---yes it is that awesome lol

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Pigments
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip tars
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip tars
I love their Lip tars!!! I tried on 4 colors and loved them all. But at the end of the night I walked away with FEMME. Femme appears as a soft petal pink color. I love pink shades because they complement my skin tone alot. When I go back I will like to buy Marlot, Hush, and Grandma(lol) Trust me the color has no ties to the
OCC's Femme Lip Tar
Oh btw I met Lauren aka the Queen of Blending. I was always a fan, as so many, of her fawless makeup application. She was pretty sweet and I enjoyed talking to her. She walked into the store with such a cute watermelon dress.
Me and Lauren a.k.a Queen of blending MUA
I couldn't really stay long because I had class to attend. Something I wasn't looking forward too. but lucky for me I already presented so I was able to just sit down, with my coconut bubble tea, and enjoy the other presentations. =)

I also finally received my order from some of what I ordered =/ Hopefully in my next post I can do a review. I am still currently waiting on a additional dress to be made.

Well sayanora for now and,
Thanks to my New followers =D

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