Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas everyone!
or actually Merry Belated Christmas!

red rose,rose,flower, red,

This year is soon to end and I can't believe it went buy so fast! It felt like just a few minutes ago I was stressing out during my Fall semester then -boom!- Christmas arrived. Now it's gonna be a New year just like that. Time doesn't wait on no one.

The weather has been getting seriously chilly. We haven't had a serious snow storm -such as other states- but we occasionally are having episodes of wet snow. The weather is in the 20s and soon to drop down lower within this week. Not too happy about that but what can I do but bundle up, and try to stay warm?

Before Christmas I was experimenting more with bottom lashes.

super nudy grey, grey circle lens, circle lens, contacts, gyaru, eos, eos contacts,

super nudy grey, grey circle lens, circle lens, contacts, gyaru, eos, eos contacts,

Bottom Lashes can be such a pain sometimes, Especially if you use too much glue. I want to experiment more and try different eye shapes. Hoping I can purchase more makeup and etc for this upcoming year. Anywho for Christmas I just celebrated with the Fam. The food was so good. Omg, I know I gained like 5 pounds from my plate(and left overs lol). Argh, this is one of the main reasons why I love Christmas, as well as, other Holidays so much...THE FOOD. 

Christmas, christmas day, food,hunger,dinner, dinner table, salad, food, christmas, candy yams, salad, lasagna, turkey, ham, avocado, corn, oxtail,  macaroni and cheese, macaroni salad, napkins, fork, silver wear,candles, glasses, marshmallow,
Christmas Dinner Table

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Liebster Award

I got tagged by two lovelys- Usagiipyon & MZX NINI  to do a Liebster Award <3

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• The Meaning; Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome. ~D' Awwz ♡ ~(^з^)-☆

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I always feel weird when I do surveys like this because I am not that interesting of a person LOL  Most of the time I never know what to say. Since I got two sets of questions I will answer them both =D

☆.。.:*★彡11 Facts about me.。.:*

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Big Bang Concert at Prudential center, New Jersey November 9th 2012~ PIC HEAVY~

Hey whats up guys!?

So this semester has not been working out in my favor whats so ever =/ I've been kinda stressed out especially in the Job department. I had to walk away from the job for the sake of my classes. I am still upset about it but everything happens for a reason. If I never would of quit I wouldn't have been able to catch up. So unfortunately, thats just the decision I had to make....sadly.....

buttt!! I got a mood boost because I got to attend a concert for one of my favorite K-pop bands...

Big bang! =D
 k-pop Big bang galaxy tour at prudential center fans waiting for concert to start
Big bang galaxy tour A hour and a half before the concert

Like...ahiodbudbkbkB!!! Leading up to the day I thought I was in a dream. It wasn't until my ticket got scanned that my dream became a reality. I had so much Luck that day. First off, I found 10 bucks-10 buck that was used to by the Big Bang Flashlight, second off, As a result of hurricane sandy the train ride was horrid but I got there early, Third off...yeah I know last one, I GOT A FREE TICKET UPGRADE....I original was having so much problems trying to buy the tickets in the first place. I Originally had seat 1 row 1 in section 113.  At first I said that should be one awesome view since I'm around the side of the stage and in the first row. So no one would be able to block me by standing or holding up signs but, it wasn't until I saw exactly how FAR my seats were that I realized how bad of a seat that was...boy was I mad lol...but as soon as I went to enter the section to find my seats two Ushers stopped me and told me I got a seat upgrade. At first I thought they were trying to scam me so I was pretty stern.  I was even going to take a photo of both of them just incase but for some reason when they handed me the ticket all I could do is take it, thank them, and run xD. Run for the elevator because the show started in about 20 minutes...

 k-pop Big bang galaxy tour at prudential center updated ticket
Big bang galaxy tour upgraded ticket *God is so gooodd*

I got there just in time to get my seat. What a great seat it was. (*⌒ヮ⌒*)/

 k-pop Big bang galaxy tour at prudential center stage Taeyang, senguri, g-dragon, daesung, top
big bang galaxy tour stage...Lucky VIP's (;___;)
So pretty much sitting there the adrenaline was rushing, and I couldn't wait for the concert to start! To the right of the stage there was a big screen displaying all of Big Bang's videos. Whenever there was a shot still of a shirtless Daesung, a shirtless Taeyang, or a fully clothed TOP, you should of heard the collaborative screams of the crowd. lol ~My ears are STILL ringing lol. While I was waiting I held some conversations with some fans around me. Well they pretty much also screamed my ears off XDD There was a couple in front of me who came all the way from Mexico to see them. They had asked me to take a picture of them so I agreed. A girl who sat next to me told me her friend was who introduced her to the band and she had a obsession with Daesung. The Girl on the other side of me said this was her 2nd time seeing them. She first saw them in Korea as a birthday gift. Seriously, Did she want to switch parents!!???
 k-pop Big bang galaxy tour at prudential center stage. Taeyang, senguri, g-dragon, daesung, top fans at conert
Me with Big bang Fans =D
After the convos the concert started, I didn't get a pic of the opening because I took a vid. The opening number was "Alive" and the band came out of capsule like structures that had there names displayed at the top.

big bang k pop galaxy tour at prudential center taeyang dong young-bae, g dragon kwon ji-yong , top Choi Seung-hyun, daesung Kang Dae-sung, and senguri Lee Seung-hyun.
Taeyang, G dragon, TOP, and Daesung.
big bang k pop galaxy tour at prudential center. taeyang, g dragon, top, daesung, and senguri
G-dragon, TOP, & Senguri.

big bang k pop galaxy tour at prudential center G dragon Kwon Ji-yong

Sunday, October 28, 2012

❤☠NYC Gal-O-Ween Meet☠❤ October 27th 2012

Yesterday I attended my first Gal meet. (^O^)/

I was pretty excited for this one considering it would be my first. I had no idea what costume to get, I wanted to be a sexy officer but just decided to dress in Lolita. I was hoping to network and meet some Gals in my state but unfortunately not that many showed up. I kinda have a feeling it's hurricane Sandy's fault lol. The weather was a little weird also. It started out warm then around noon it got so cold then humid. I seriously don't know whats going on but this weather is making me quite sick... Regardless of the sucky weather though it was pretty fun. I first met up with a gal who goes by Glee, moments later Usagi showed up. We all decided to take a seat in Bryant park and wait for more Gals to show up.
heirofglee usagiipyon
Usagi and Glee
Usagi and me
heirofglee usagiipyon
Usagi, me, and Glee
While we were sitting and having a convo we were approached by this sweet cali guy. He just moved to the area and decided to explore Bryant park's holiday Market. Since he was new and also into Anime, and Japanese fashion so we decided to take him to Kinokuniya. 

heirofglee usagiipyon
Looking Through Gal mags

Monday, October 8, 2012

~Shopping Updates

Hello everyone ^_^,

Guess what ya'll, I GOTZ a Job! lol


I do not know how long I will stay employed because business isn't doing so well sadly. With the addition to that I am a bit stressed with school and work. Not a good combo...Not a good combo at all.  Its coming down to the last 4 classes of college before I graduate and my minds not there. "Senioritis" or more so I feel a little lost with where I see myself in the world. I feel like for this year my so call "idea" of how I see myself in the future is getting tested. I'm starting to gain exposure to new and different things and I just feel like I am rebuilding myself piece by piece. I don't know whats going on. I like some parts of it but I am also afraid of the other parts but, I'm just gonna stay positive and pray on it. Hopefully my true path will be shown to me 

Anywho, enough with my deep talk lol.

Since I started working I was able to make some purchases which include:

Big Bang Alive Tour
Seriously can't believe I was so lucccckkkkkky!!! When I was going for the tickets the website was acting up so damn much I didnt even think I was going to get one then with hope, I was able to make a purchase...I will let you know right now I am sooo hyped! I seriously can't wait to see them!!! Just a few more weeks to go! My Tae Tae <3

Da Vinci Fake Eyelashes, Nk Lipstics, Occ Lip tar Fall 2012    
Da Vinci Fake Eyelashes, Nk Lipstics, Occ Lip tar Fall 2012   

These Nicka K lipsticks are pretty awesome, for- Guess the price!- ONE D-O-L-L-A-R! They're very pigmented and last pretty long! I mean, thats pretty good for $1 Lipsticks. I would recommend this if your a beginner makeup artist for your kit. The color choices are perfect!

I also purchased False eyelashes from Da Vinci. Basically, these are Red Cherry dupes. They come in similar styles as Red Cherry's. These are pretty good lashes though. You do have to be careful with them on the account of the band is kinda weak. But I still will recommend these. They're truly not bad!

...Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) Lip tars....I'm turning into a OCC addict lol. I'm planning a shoot soon for class and I wanted some fall inspired lipsticks. So why not turn to OCC, right? lol I picked up 3 colors so far and hopefully will run back for some more. I purchased the colors in (from right to left) Psycho, Strumpet, and Lydia. I tried all so far and I love all!  They are extremely pigmented, with vibrant colors, and apply to a very smooth and matt finish. If your gonna try these though make sure to use a small amount. Trust me, a little goes a long way. Also exfoliating the lips before will also help for a better, neater application. Think I might make a post soon including swatch test of the OCC Lip tars.

Happie nuts gyaru magazine September 2012 and October 2012 Issue
Happie nuts Gyaru Magazines. September and October Issue.    
Next thing to be purchase, Happie nuts. I missed my Happie Nuts Man! I missed out on so many issues to this mag its not even funny -Especially since it's starting to get so popular now! It's extremely hard sometimes to even find a back issue. I used to be able to purchase back issues as well as new issues in the same day but now thats totally impossible. >.> Anywho, I just hope as of now that I will be able to get my collection back and running again!

Eos Puffy three tone grey & Eos Super nudy grey
Eos Puffy three tone grey & Eos Super nudy grey    
I was also lucky to finally make a purchase on something I've been wanting for so loong!!! New Circle lens! I took advantage of Kiwiberry1's 50% of sale and decided to make a purchase. These two lens ( from top to bottom) are the EOS Puffy three tone Greys and the EOS Super Nudy Grey's. I also ordered the EOS Puffy three tones is Green but since there was a mistake made in my order I have to wait for the Green ones to be shipped. So Look out for 2, hopefully three reviews!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Geo Super Angel Brown- Circle lens Review!

Geo Super Angel Brown Review

Hello all!

Haven't been updating but I'm back with a circle lens review!

A few month ago I purchased my first circle lens from Candy Jelly Eyes.

This is a new shop that recently opened btw. I decided to buy two pairs of lenses-one for me and another for a friend as a Christmas present. I was looking for a dolly eye look so I chose Geo's Super Angel Grey lens.

***Seriously guys, before you make a purchase on any type of contact lenses online make sure you make an appointment and see an optometrist FIRST! It's best to get your eyes checked! It is extreemmmmlllyyy important to learn proper eye care while dealing with contacts especially what signs to look out for incase of lens damage. Not knowing these types of precautions can lead to serious cornea damage! Losing or damaging your vision to look cute isn't worth it. $20 dollars compared to a cornea transplant surgery that may cost $2000 and up, when you could of saved up $80-$100 for a proper eye exam...yeahhh... Be safe when it comes to your eyes!***

But on to the review!

So I ordered these lens within a batch order. It took one month for the order to process straight from Geo with an additional week for me to receive them. Shipping was pretty fast and the packaging was neatly put together. The 4 vials came in a securely shut envelope with tons of bubble wrap surrounding it. As a result there were no damages to the vials. Since I ordered these lenses during a promotional sale there were no free lens case offered. After I received them I pre-soaked them with Opti-Free Replenish Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution.

Geo super angel brown soaking in contact case
Geo Super angel brown soaking in contact case
Close up of Geo super angel brown soaking
Close up of Geo Super Angel brown soaking 

Basic info for lens:
                                                            Diameter : 14.8mm
Water Content : 38%

Base Curve : 8.6mm

Life Span : 1 year disposal

No Makeup Fluorescent Light geo super angel brown
No Makeup Fluorescent Light
No Makeup Flash geo super angel brown
No Makeup Flash

Lens to no lens comparison geo super angel brown
Left eye: No lens
 Right: With Lens
No makeup Tungsten light (Bathroom Light)

lens to no lens comparison geo super angel brown
Left eye: No lens
 Right: With Lens
No makeup Flash

geo super angel brown
Left eye: With lens
 Right: No Lens
Makeup Flash
geo super angel brown
Geo Super Angel Brown with Makeup
geo super angel brown with makeup side
Geo Super Angel Brown with Makeup

Enlargement: 9/10 

These lens offer a basic dolly eye effect. If you are looking for a lens in between extremely noticeable and subtle I would recommend these. The diameter of these lenses are 14.5. Since I already have such big eyes (lol) it gives a nice change. It also fills out the bottom portion of my sclera- you know the white space of the eye.  (。-ω-)ノ・゚゚・。

Color & Design:8
Even though I wanted the grey ones, I still consider the brown to have a nice vibrant color. It is very saturated and the color can resemble a warm orangey brown.

Comfort: 7/10

These lenses were pretty drying. I found myself using eye drops frequently, to the point I was suspicious that they were damage so as a result I stop wearing them.

You may be thinking...Hey! Did my eyes deceive me? (⊙0⊙) Did I read this entry wrong?(」゚ペ)」 Didn't you mentioned you ordered grey lens? Why are they brown? Well funny isn't funny at all but there was a mix up with my order. The seller made a mistake and gave me the wrong color. By the time I contacted her there was a problem with her email address.  I happend to find the new email address so I sent her an email regarding the order and she was more than willing to offer me a refund but in the end I just decided to keep the lens instead.

Thanks for viewing my review! (I like how that sentence flows....yup my horrible attempt at humor T___T)

Hope I helped out those who are interested!
geo super angel brown review final thoughts