Sunday, October 28, 2012

❤☠NYC Gal-O-Ween Meet☠❤ October 27th 2012

Yesterday I attended my first Gal meet. (^O^)/

I was pretty excited for this one considering it would be my first. I had no idea what costume to get, I wanted to be a sexy officer but just decided to dress in Lolita. I was hoping to network and meet some Gals in my state but unfortunately not that many showed up. I kinda have a feeling it's hurricane Sandy's fault lol. The weather was a little weird also. It started out warm then around noon it got so cold then humid. I seriously don't know whats going on but this weather is making me quite sick... Regardless of the sucky weather though it was pretty fun. I first met up with a gal who goes by Glee, moments later Usagi showed up. We all decided to take a seat in Bryant park and wait for more Gals to show up.
heirofglee usagiipyon
Usagi and Glee
Usagi and me
heirofglee usagiipyon
Usagi, me, and Glee
While we were sitting and having a convo we were approached by this sweet cali guy. He just moved to the area and decided to explore Bryant park's holiday Market. Since he was new and also into Anime, and Japanese fashion so we decided to take him to Kinokuniya. 

heirofglee usagiipyon
Looking Through Gal mags

Monday, October 8, 2012

~Shopping Updates

Hello everyone ^_^,

Guess what ya'll, I GOTZ a Job! lol


I do not know how long I will stay employed because business isn't doing so well sadly. With the addition to that I am a bit stressed with school and work. Not a good combo...Not a good combo at all.  Its coming down to the last 4 classes of college before I graduate and my minds not there. "Senioritis" or more so I feel a little lost with where I see myself in the world. I feel like for this year my so call "idea" of how I see myself in the future is getting tested. I'm starting to gain exposure to new and different things and I just feel like I am rebuilding myself piece by piece. I don't know whats going on. I like some parts of it but I am also afraid of the other parts but, I'm just gonna stay positive and pray on it. Hopefully my true path will be shown to me 

Anywho, enough with my deep talk lol.

Since I started working I was able to make some purchases which include:

Big Bang Alive Tour
Seriously can't believe I was so lucccckkkkkky!!! When I was going for the tickets the website was acting up so damn much I didnt even think I was going to get one then with hope, I was able to make a purchase...I will let you know right now I am sooo hyped! I seriously can't wait to see them!!! Just a few more weeks to go! My Tae Tae <3

Da Vinci Fake Eyelashes, Nk Lipstics, Occ Lip tar Fall 2012    
Da Vinci Fake Eyelashes, Nk Lipstics, Occ Lip tar Fall 2012   

These Nicka K lipsticks are pretty awesome, for- Guess the price!- ONE D-O-L-L-A-R! They're very pigmented and last pretty long! I mean, thats pretty good for $1 Lipsticks. I would recommend this if your a beginner makeup artist for your kit. The color choices are perfect!

I also purchased False eyelashes from Da Vinci. Basically, these are Red Cherry dupes. They come in similar styles as Red Cherry's. These are pretty good lashes though. You do have to be careful with them on the account of the band is kinda weak. But I still will recommend these. They're truly not bad!

...Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) Lip tars....I'm turning into a OCC addict lol. I'm planning a shoot soon for class and I wanted some fall inspired lipsticks. So why not turn to OCC, right? lol I picked up 3 colors so far and hopefully will run back for some more. I purchased the colors in (from right to left) Psycho, Strumpet, and Lydia. I tried all so far and I love all!  They are extremely pigmented, with vibrant colors, and apply to a very smooth and matt finish. If your gonna try these though make sure to use a small amount. Trust me, a little goes a long way. Also exfoliating the lips before will also help for a better, neater application. Think I might make a post soon including swatch test of the OCC Lip tars.

Happie nuts gyaru magazine September 2012 and October 2012 Issue
Happie nuts Gyaru Magazines. September and October Issue.    
Next thing to be purchase, Happie nuts. I missed my Happie Nuts Man! I missed out on so many issues to this mag its not even funny -Especially since it's starting to get so popular now! It's extremely hard sometimes to even find a back issue. I used to be able to purchase back issues as well as new issues in the same day but now thats totally impossible. >.> Anywho, I just hope as of now that I will be able to get my collection back and running again!

Eos Puffy three tone grey & Eos Super nudy grey
Eos Puffy three tone grey & Eos Super nudy grey    
I was also lucky to finally make a purchase on something I've been wanting for so loong!!! New Circle lens! I took advantage of Kiwiberry1's 50% of sale and decided to make a purchase. These two lens ( from top to bottom) are the EOS Puffy three tone Greys and the EOS Super Nudy Grey's. I also ordered the EOS Puffy three tones is Green but since there was a mistake made in my order I have to wait for the Green ones to be shipped. So Look out for 2, hopefully three reviews!