Saturday, November 9, 2013

Comic Con 2013( Warning: Pic Heavy!!!!)

Hello there,

Long time no see! This post is beyond longgg oveerrduueee!  So October 10-13 was comic con. I expected not to attend this year especially due to the whole ticket crisis but luckily I was able to attend Friday and Sunday. This year comic con was another bummer because I didn't get to dress up this year- noooo cosplay.*tears* (2014 Im getting ready for you!)

Comic con was pretty lively but I did not get to attend any panels because it was a bit unorganized. For starters, When you check in, there are suppose to give you a packet with all the information regarding con but unfortunately this year everything went digital. Which was convenient for smart phone users but not for people without smart phones (*raises hand*). Crowd control for Sunday was also a mess. There was a shit ton of people and it took about 20 minutes to take a 5 minute stroll. So if you were a individual trying to make it to a panel in a short amount of time you were late. If you were also trying to take pics forget that too lol But it wouldn't have been a Sunday without all of this bitter sweet Joy XP. I could only imagine how crowded it was on Saturday. >.<

Sooooo Friday was pretty chill. It was also pretty funny because Friday I spent most of my time calling back and forth to a coworker who wanted me to do her makeup for a event. Which brings me to another complaint.........


IT WAS HORRIIIDDDDDDD!!!!! Omg imagine if *God Forbid* you lost your friends/kids and you couldn't get in contact with someone. That would of been one scary predicament!!!

But enough with the complaints on to the photos!

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Pyramid head from silent hill

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Mega man Lamp *wants*

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wonder woma