Tuesday, January 4, 2011

~Shopping and Such ^O^

Hellos Again ^O^,

Let Me Start Off By Saying.....

:.。. HAPPY NEW YEARSS!!!! o(≧▽≦)o .。.:

Eh-I Could really care less for New Years though.lol I seemed to have started it with the same bad luck, and same situations from the Old Years...With the help of some Holiday Cooking, I have totally burned 3 finger tips cooking and sliced the other one by trying to swap a mosquito with a broom.... Yup yup...(no This does not mean I'm a bad cook! Lmao-Real Cooks get Bruisesssss!!!!!! *Super hero stance* >:3) lol

Even by Starting out the New Years the way I have I am still hoping for a better one. I want to work towards better friendships, better relationships, better grades in school, find a job and career, and work on a better me. =) I'm hoping this year I can have more Happiness, and better memories that I can always reflect back on when I'm all mopey and feeling like giving up. =) This New Years is for me to break out of my Mindset and Challenge myself, as well as also prove to myself I'm better than just settling. I wanna be on top of the world! Muahahaha! Ok moving on now...lol

This year, I'm taking a good look at my style and I realize.....it needs some revisions. With the addition of weight gain & school, I haven't been able to really take control of the way I dress because I didn't have time, and when I did I found nothing but the crappiest clothing, or was broke(Yup College life T_T) So as a result I vowed to shop with a more fashionable eye. I'm hoping to burst out of my shell and become more stylish and more comfortable in my clothing =]

I have A HUGE Shopping list for this year. Beside finding better clothes I wanted to buy some contacts(circle lens & Freshlook's contacts in Sterling Grey), buy a sewing machine, update my lolita & Gal wardrobe, and start building my make-up kit so I can continue freelancing as a make-up artist.

Yesterday I went shopping and found some cute sweaters:

I would of brought this shirt in every color they had if I could. If I could go back, I would love the Grey and Black to this.

I feel to go back and buy the other version to this shirt. I LOVE IT!!! lol

Wish I could of captured the flowy-ness of this garment. Its Has a really beautiful shape to it!
 Along with just buying a few shirts I brought some new make-up. I'm the type of person that likes to restock on things before they run out :)

If your ever looking for an inexpensive eyeliner. I STRONGLY recommend this one. Yes I have tried them all, M.A.C.'s Fluidline, Urban Decay's liquid liner, and etc but I never experienced a liner such as this. When It says 24 hrs, it MEANS 24 hours! It's really waterproof and smudge proof! (don't take smudge proof to the extreme though.lol Yes if you make a mistake and rub your eyes once or twice it wont budge! but 3 & 4..you will have to fix your eyeshadow. but the intensity of color for the line will stay the same :) Minor fixing^^) I am in looove with this eyeliner!  Maybelline really outdid themselves! xD
I usually use Maybelline's Mascara in XXL but decided to test out this one. I have yet to try it but I really hope it doesn't burn my eyes. Lately my eyes been acting a bit sensitive to certain mascaras.=/  I realize when I go out shopping for mascara the packaging hardly says "Hypoallergenic" anymore =/
Lately I've been really getting into Nail art! I ordered some molds and cannot wait to receive them. I still have some more supplies to buy like colored acrylic powder, Activator, Clear false Nails, and more Rhinestones. I'm hoping for this break I can be pre-occupied by building my skills. Here's a look at a pair I was working on:

What do I have to say after my first try? THIS SURE AIN'T EASY! I had respect for Nail Tech's before but it wasn't until after I finish these that my respect quadrupled! xD Even though I suffered through these...I still enjoyed making them. I remember getting so pissed when I applied the topcoat...it totally smudged the black polka dots into the white(shown on bottom right nail)..lol I wanted to cry XD but like I said this was so much fun and I cannot wait to design some more!

Besides this nothing new has popped into my life. Still waiting for the excitement!
Thanks for Viewing my blog! ^O^