Sunday, December 26, 2010

~Haven't Updated In A

Sometimes I wonder what's the the point of Keeping a blog when I don't Update!


Nothing much has been going on in my life really...I'm just happy to have finished my semester in college. I was really stressed out for this semester but manage to pull of 2 A's, a A-, and a B-. I wish I could of received straight A+'s but you can't have it all right?

Besides Passing the semester my Birthday passed! I am now 21 years to drink! To bad I don't care for it. xD

My Boyfriend was sweet enough to host a surprise birthday dinner at my favorite Japanese restaurant and he brought me the following gifts:

Urban Decay's: Alice In Wonderland Book Of Shadows

Gyaru Style Nails

Both gifts I appreciate so much. I was doing nothing but talking about how much I love these nails and whats great was I was able to receive them! The last Time I looked back they were out of stock >_< Since Its the holidays and I've been doing alot of baking I haven't been able to put them on. I'm not even sure If I want to put them on...They're too cuteeee and I don't wanna ruin them >w<

My mom was nice enough to buy me some boots also:

My feet are so huge it was a pain to break these in >_< But the grip at the bottom is sooooo amazing! It makes me feel as if I could Climb Mountains xD

Grey boots
 I original wanted these boots in this beautiful saturated brown shade but they were all sold out in my size. Finding shoes in my size is hard T_T These are soooooo comfy. Occasional they do hurt my feet but its nothing a better gel can't help.:)

For my birthday I was tricked to expect a date with my boyfriend, so as a result I tried to sex-a-fiy myself.(lol) I tried to experiment with Gal Make and for the First time I tried on my Dolly Winks Eyelashes.

I LOOOVEEE these Eyelashes to death. At first I hated the Clear band they used but the black eyelash glue fixed it up. I think it was so clever the fact that they used a clear piece of plastic instead of a track for the Lashes.One thing I notice- it made the lashes more durable and they didn't fall out of shape as American brand lashes do. They Designed these in a very smart way! I did need alot to make this look more gyaru..Like of lenses and some bottom lashes. but I'm not even going to beat myself up over it. Its nothing I can't invest on in the future and re-try the look. Here's a full face shot:
Sorry for the blur =/ And from the photo you can see the damage This semester has done to my face. Ohhh I despise these bags under my eyes with a passion...>=/

Ehh as I said nothings really been new. Just I've been thinking over incorporating Gal Style in my personal style. It's really cute! I just know for now my wardrobe needs a HUUUUUGGEEEE fixing...Its gonna be pretty hectic trying to balance two fashion styles. Lolita and Gal but I really don't mind trying. :)

But ending my little post,

Thanks For Viewing My Blog ^O^