Thursday, November 4, 2010

~Body Line Ordering~

Seriously Choosing a Skirt is so damn hard! Today I finally decided what Items I would Order From BodyLine. As of Tonight these are what I shall be awaiting:


Red butterflies=Orgasmic!!!! lol

I had a REALLY hard time deciding what freaking color I wanted! I was head over heels for the pink and wanted the JSK in the mint green.(Yeah with my measurements..That seriously wasn't happening TUT) I went back and fort between the Pink Skirt and the Blue skirt. So My final color choice!? It is Blue! lol


I already own the black to these but their so small >.> I love these so much I decided to order them in Red but this time, I'm ordering a size bigger. (BL always sucks for almost never having my size!)

I'm also planning to order these Tea Party shoes.

Cute eh? These little buggers are gonna cost me $9 extras due to my big ass feet! *sigh* The Trials and budget tribulations of a Lolita addict! lol

After this order I will need to save for some Blouses and Cutsews! 
Some I'm Currently interested in :) :

Infanta Sunrise In June Lace Blouse(PRICE: $$45 USD)

Rose Melody Alice Dreamland Blouse(PRICE:$$57 USD)

I love these so Much and I'm looking forward to purchasing them! Will post pics once they arrive^^