Tuesday, June 4, 2013

March 20th 2013- NYC Macaron Day

Heyyyyyy guysss! This post is looong overdue....

Let me start off by saying HAPPY SPRING!!!.....Or should I say Happy belated Spring and hello summer! I wanted to do so many blog post but school and work had taken over my life. I have to say this past semester had to be far most one of the WORST semesters. For all the people out there who continue to balance school and work I just want to give a quick shout out for working hard and trying to stay focusing. For people who are adding kids to this equation I take my hat off to you. School and work...not  a good mixture at all man. The good thing is I passed all my classes with a B+ average but would of done much better if I didn't lack time management skills, sleep, and so forth. Whenever I came home from work it was so hard to stay focus and get my work done because I was forever tired. I as well as others should just be able to focus on school and actually living life but we all know how college expenses are...Anywho the one day I had off-since I started work was dedicated to enjoying macaron day. Macaron day basically was a day for sampling macarons as well as getting to know all the bakeries who make them. What I like about it the most wasn't only the fact that some locations offered you macarons for free but it was also the fact that the proceeds were donated to the organization City harvest, which dedicates it's work to giving meals to the less fortunate. Not only was I gonna be able to get great macarons but it also felt good to know the money I spent was going towards a great cause. It was such a nice day I walked over the manhattan bridge along with my bf to experience not only the beautiful wind but also great art.