Sunday, February 6, 2011

~Started School and Already Hate it..-_-

Been One Loooooong week!

I've been so tired. =( I just Started school On Monday and I'm not so thrilled..

I'm just tired of my school and hoping this semester can go back quickly...

I Also don't know what I've been doing lately but I have been attracting alot of pervs. I had one dirty man staring at me in the bus while licking his lips.  I thought I was saved when a taller guy stood in front of him but then he himself started giving me the "Let me undress you with my eyes stare" He wouldn't even stop! I was so mad! Later on in the week I got hit on by another guy(while trying carefully to walk across ice!) and on the same day- while I was on the train some random man wouldn't stop staring at me on the platform. I turned back to look at him to see what the hell was his problem and he wouldn't stop smiling.. The idiot went into the same cart as me and then while I was standing had the audacity to freakin bend my arm to pull off a hair strand that belonged to a Jewish man that bumped into me mistakenly.. Seriously, I don't understand what the hell is going on with these guys around my neighborhood. But this shit is making me mad! Everytime I try to avoid this nonsense it keeps on coming my way. That day I was sick..Up to now, All I think about is how I wish I had the strength to kick that man in the balls..Who are you to put your hands on me? I don't even know who you are. Next thing you know he would want to make people think I know him to try something foolish...It might look like a friendly gesture but it was just a way for him to try and be a perv...It just gets me so mad to know theres guys out their with just one thing on their minds..."S*x"....How the Hell can you wake up every morning with only that thought on your mind? That just seriously sickens really does..

Overall I've Just been freakin stressed...I Haven't been in the best positive mood. I'm hoping real soon things will start to go better for me because now I've just been having the worst of luck....

Switching subjects now,

Valentines Day Is coming up and I decided to just mess around with some looks:

I'm still thinking of experimenting some more but it will have to wait for the weekend due to classes. =]

Lately I've been getting really deeply motivated to practice nail art..I recieved some nail molds and wanted to test them out with plain nail polish. This produced these:

Man So many things went wrong with these. First off one of the hearts deflated on and when I applied the top coat it smeared the nail polish. I think I need to buy a new top Even when I apply one coat it tends to smear and whats most funny is... THE NAIL POLISH IS DRY!!! WTF!? DX

Later on in the week I felt so beat up with how these came up and tried my luck again with a different style:

I felt these came out soooo much better. (even though some of the stripes could of been done much It was only 4 days since I finished them and my mom went on my stand where I left them to charge her phone. Know what happened next? She dropped 2 of them! Up to now I still can't find one of them! I worked so freakin hard on these! Like come on!!!!!!! ashei3hedeabwdduehzio!!!!!! >_<

See as I said, I've been having the worst of luck for this week! I just hope things will get better =/