Monday, December 30, 2013

12-7-13 ILD: International Lolita Day

I feel as if every time I begin a blogpost I always begin with, "This post is long over due!!!" lol ....Even though it is! But Hello followers both old and new! <3 On December 7th, I was able to attend a frilly meet for International Lolita day. For those who have no knowledge to the significance behind this Holiday I offer a explanation. International Lolita day also know as ILD is a unofficially Holiday for Lolitas all over the world. Its starts I believe every first Saturday In December. This is also a biannual holiday as well so there is also a summer celebration as well.

This ILD meet was held at Kitchenette. Kitchenette is a beautiful Bakery/cafe that not only possesses a very pleasant atmosphere but also delicious treats. I was a tad bit late because of the trains and getting last minute things in order (Yup, we all know, #girlproblems.) As soon as I, as well as others arrived, the food was served.

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My hair was such a mess lol

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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Comic Con 2013( Warning: Pic Heavy!!!!)

Hello there,

Long time no see! This post is beyond longgg oveerrduueee!  So October 10-13 was comic con. I expected not to attend this year especially due to the whole ticket crisis but luckily I was able to attend Friday and Sunday. This year comic con was another bummer because I didn't get to dress up this year- noooo cosplay.*tears* (2014 Im getting ready for you!)

Comic con was pretty lively but I did not get to attend any panels because it was a bit unorganized. For starters, When you check in, there are suppose to give you a packet with all the information regarding con but unfortunately this year everything went digital. Which was convenient for smart phone users but not for people without smart phones (*raises hand*). Crowd control for Sunday was also a mess. There was a shit ton of people and it took about 20 minutes to take a 5 minute stroll. So if you were a individual trying to make it to a panel in a short amount of time you were late. If you were also trying to take pics forget that too lol But it wouldn't have been a Sunday without all of this bitter sweet Joy XP. I could only imagine how crowded it was on Saturday. >.<

Sooooo Friday was pretty chill. It was also pretty funny because Friday I spent most of my time calling back and forth to a coworker who wanted me to do her makeup for a event. Which brings me to another complaint.........


IT WAS HORRIIIDDDDDDD!!!!! Omg imagine if *God Forbid* you lost your friends/kids and you couldn't get in contact with someone. That would of been one scary predicament!!!

But enough with the complaints on to the photos!

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Pyramid head from silent hill

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Mega man Lamp *wants*

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wonder woma

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer Gyaru Meet - July 13 2013 (Warning Pic HEAVY)

Hello everyone! Long time no post!
This past weekend I attended a event I was looking forward to for quite some time!

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Summer gyaru meet

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

March 20th 2013- NYC Macaron Day

Heyyyyyy guysss! This post is looong overdue....

Let me start off by saying HAPPY SPRING!!!.....Or should I say Happy belated Spring and hello summer! I wanted to do so many blog post but school and work had taken over my life. I have to say this past semester had to be far most one of the WORST semesters. For all the people out there who continue to balance school and work I just want to give a quick shout out for working hard and trying to stay focusing. For people who are adding kids to this equation I take my hat off to you. School and work...not  a good mixture at all man. The good thing is I passed all my classes with a B+ average but would of done much better if I didn't lack time management skills, sleep, and so forth. Whenever I came home from work it was so hard to stay focus and get my work done because I was forever tired. I as well as others should just be able to focus on school and actually living life but we all know how college expenses are...Anywho the one day I had off-since I started work was dedicated to enjoying macaron day. Macaron day basically was a day for sampling macarons as well as getting to know all the bakeries who make them. What I like about it the most wasn't only the fact that some locations offered you macarons for free but it was also the fact that the proceeds were donated to the organization City harvest, which dedicates it's work to giving meals to the less fortunate. Not only was I gonna be able to get great macarons but it also felt good to know the money I spent was going towards a great cause. It was such a nice day I walked over the manhattan bridge along with my bf to experience not only the beautiful wind but also great art.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

1-5-13 Gyaru Fashion Meet!

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This is soooo long overduee lol

So last weekend was a great weekend because I got to enjoy new company. First with the Japanese fashion meet second with a Gyaru Meet =D

I was really looking forward to this meet not only because it was my second, but also because I wanted to meet new people as well. Sadly some attendees didn't get to show up because of work, and traveling issues but it was still one awesome group!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Japanese Fashion Meet~ 1-4-13

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all are having a great start to the New Years!

This past weekend I attended a J Fashion meet. My friend had invited me to it esp since we haven't hung out in a while. Before attending the meet I had to wake up early to meet with a seller. Afterwards me and my friend headed to China Town. I noticed alot of stores are starting to close down now. =/ I just hope they will bring in more stores esp accessory stores. We went into one in particular. It's fused with a super market. Downstairs is the Supermarket and upstairs is where the Beauty & Accessory section is.
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China Town Beauty store
Looking at merchandise
While we were looking around we came across a cute night light section but one of these few night lights sure wasn't cute at all. More so it was pretty creepy to me.

night light,light,creepy,china town,
Can you spot it?

night light,light,creepy,china town,
Creepy Night Light
I don't know about you guys but this particular nightlight would seriously give me nightmares. I couldn't imagine waking up at night, and turning over in my bed, to see this. Especially as a kid. -___-; I wouldn't look at pandas the same....

One thing I love about this beauty store is the assortment of makeup. Especially the Dolly Wink brand.

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I have yet to try the new line but I am currently interest in buying the following pair as well as restock on some old pairs.  I love Dolly wink lashes because they last pretty long due to the strong band. The bottom lashes for this brand are a bit fragile though.  You have to be extremely careful with not only removing them from the package but also removing them from your Lower lash line after use. Even with their fragile nature they look very natural.

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DOLLY WINK Eyelash No.16 Dolly Mix
After looking around at some more stores we headed towards the meeting location for the event. On the way I found a nice Bowler Hat from H&M. Couldn't resist it!!! esp since it actually fitted perfectly on my huge head.I wanted one for so loonggg. After H&M we saw we were on a time crunch so we  walked pretty quickly to received some free tote bags from the store Desigual but kept going straight. We were a little late for the meet. -10 minutes to be exact- thanks to all the tourist and shoppers so when we reached the park no one was there. So as a result we headed to the 2nd meeting location to once again find no one. My friend had to post on the event page luckily one person responded and stated where they were so we went towards that location to meet up with them.