Monday, January 7, 2013

Japanese Fashion Meet~ 1-4-13

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all are having a great start to the New Years!

This past weekend I attended a J Fashion meet. My friend had invited me to it esp since we haven't hung out in a while. Before attending the meet I had to wake up early to meet with a seller. Afterwards me and my friend headed to China Town. I noticed alot of stores are starting to close down now. =/ I just hope they will bring in more stores esp accessory stores. We went into one in particular. It's fused with a super market. Downstairs is the Supermarket and upstairs is where the Beauty & Accessory section is.
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China Town Beauty store
Looking at merchandise
While we were looking around we came across a cute night light section but one of these few night lights sure wasn't cute at all. More so it was pretty creepy to me.

night light,light,creepy,china town,
Can you spot it?

night light,light,creepy,china town,
Creepy Night Light
I don't know about you guys but this particular nightlight would seriously give me nightmares. I couldn't imagine waking up at night, and turning over in my bed, to see this. Especially as a kid. -___-; I wouldn't look at pandas the same....

One thing I love about this beauty store is the assortment of makeup. Especially the Dolly Wink brand.

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I have yet to try the new line but I am currently interest in buying the following pair as well as restock on some old pairs.  I love Dolly wink lashes because they last pretty long due to the strong band. The bottom lashes for this brand are a bit fragile though.  You have to be extremely careful with not only removing them from the package but also removing them from your Lower lash line after use. Even with their fragile nature they look very natural.

gyaru, eyelash,eyelashes, dolly wink, tsubasa masuwaka, fake eyelashes, false eyelashes, gyaru products, japan,japanese products, koji, koji japanese products, no 16, dolly mix
DOLLY WINK Eyelash No.16 Dolly Mix
After looking around at some more stores we headed towards the meeting location for the event. On the way I found a nice Bowler Hat from H&M. Couldn't resist it!!! esp since it actually fitted perfectly on my huge head.I wanted one for so loonggg. After H&M we saw we were on a time crunch so we  walked pretty quickly to received some free tote bags from the store Desigual but kept going straight. We were a little late for the meet. -10 minutes to be exact- thanks to all the tourist and shoppers so when we reached the park no one was there. So as a result we headed to the 2nd meeting location to once again find no one. My friend had to post on the event page luckily one person responded and stated where they were so we went towards that location to meet up with them.

While we were having a conversation about finding no one there the girls we met up with stated that they actually saw the group. One of the girls told us she yelled out a "Hey!", while waving at them but she said as a response they all looked back in her location, then walked off as if they didn't her. When I heard that I became a little annoyed because it didn't make any sense to me. So I suggested we all try and go to the overall location where the meet was to take place so we all decided to head there but made a pit stop to Forbidden planet because one of the girls wanted to buy some comics and a figurine. While we browsed around the store, we recieved a notification on the events page from another person who was lost. So we told them the meeting location of where we currently were. The person replied with "Thanks". That was pretty weird because I wondered, "Thanks" for us letting you know where we were? Or "Thanks" your're heading there now? lol Luckily when we exited the store that same girl met up with us with another group. We also had one more person to meet at the train station, then we all started walking.

*****intermission break****Is this giving you a headache while reading this? Cause imagine how much of a headache I had going through all of this. What even made my headache worst was when a girl from the second group of ppl ( The ones who responded on the event page with a "thanks") told us they were actually a part of that group. So the story goes........They met up with the group earlier and wanted to go into Barnes n Nobles while they waited for more people to show up. So the other group said they would meet up with them but ended up ditching them.....(Seriously what?) She also said that she saw one of the girls wink at the other girls as if they were setting them up.  So while she's telling me about this I just became more mad but also disgusted. So I just told everyone lets just go and see if the group is at the last location and long behold after a walk of many conversations, venting, and getting to know one another, there they were. Sitting down having a conversation, with a warm meal, and warm beverages while we were freezing our behinds off trying to figure out what was going on........

spot dessert bar, sweets, asian, dessert, nyc, new york, dessert bar, cake, cupcakes, st marks place,
Spot dessert bar

When we showed up they had a look on their faces like they were upset some of the other ppl they tried to ditch found them. At this point I was literally just over the whole event.  I was seriously, tired, cold, and hungry. One of the girls even wanted to leave because she was upset and felt played but I just told her try and forget about it and enjoy yourself. So during the waiting session to be seated the host of the event approached us and apologized and did small talk. Honestly no offense to her but I was a bit too hungry and frustrated to talk at that point. I seriously just wanted to sit, eat, then afterwards try and figure out what was going on. -__________-

So strange enough the host told the worker of the event to sit us by her group. So he did. After sitting the mood got a bit better so I decided to take some pictures. While sitting down however I felt a divison amongst everyone.

spot desset bar, spot, japanes fashion, japanese fashion meet, visual kei, lolita, fairy kei,
Andrea, Kendra, Mimi, and staff lol

Me and Andrea

Me and Andrea again lol

spot desset bar, spot, japanes fashion, japanese fashion meet, visual kei, lolita, fairy kei, gyaru
Random conversations
After taking photos we ordered and waited for our food.

spot,spot dessert bar, sweets, strawberries, strawberry, whip cream, ice cream, vanilla,
Honey Toast

This was part of my order. I ordered a dish called Honey toast. It had Condense Milk, Vanilla Ice Cream, Strawberries, and Whip cream. I loved the Ice cream! It was soo perfect with the strawberries

spot,spot dessert bar, sweets, white chocolate, green tea, green tearimsu, tiramisu,
This was my friend's order. I took 1/4 of the spoon and was woken up instantly lol It was good but the green tea flavor was very strong. I love Tiramisu!

spot,spot dessert bar, sweets, soft, soft cheesecake, cheesecake,blueberry, passion fruit, citrus, walnut, yuzu, yuzu foam, tangerine,
Soft cheesecake
The presentation of this dish was beautiful! Everything on the left side of the soft cheesecake was in a glass cup. This dish is called Soft Cheese cake with Passion foam, blueberry compote, seasonal citrus, and walnut soil. Next time I go back this is a must try!

Coconut Black milk tea, milk tea, bubble tea, black tea, milk, milk tea, strawberry, strawberries, whip cream, ice cream, toast, condensed milk, spot dessert bar, spot, tapioca,
Coconut Black milk tea and Honey Toast
We didn't really get to eat for long because some of the girls wanted to go shopping so after eating we all paid the bill then took pictures.

Andrea, Mimi, Gold fish, me

Andrea, mimi, Goldfish, me, and Alex

Spot dessert bar. So much space after we all got up.

spot dessert bar,spot, cupcakes, cake, sweets, apple, apple crumble, berry berry, berry berry cupcake,cookies,
Apple Crumble & Berry Berry Cupcake

spot dessert bar, spot,cupcakes, cake, sweets, apple, apple crumble,green tea, red velvet,
Green tea and Red velvet cupcakes

spot dessert bar, spot,candles,gift, gift box,
Spot dessert bar

After leaving Spot we were trying to take group shots but people started to disappear. In a sense, I didn't understand the point of hosting a big meet if everyone would eventually start disappearing within their own "Cliques". Up to today I don't understand and I am not trying to. Even though my suspicions are 1) the events that took place earlier, 2) maybe drama from long ago and 3) People with the evers so dreadful "I'm better than you" attitudes. It all was very ridiculous to me. -___-

group shop, japanese fashion, j fashion,
Japanese fashion meetup
After nearly half of the group disappeared we walked around for a bit. One of the girls didn't eat cause she met up with the group late so we went to find her some Takoyaki.

Me and Andrea walking

We found out they opened a Nyan Cat store lol So of course we took some photos in front of it.

Next was a accessories shop I keep on forgetting the name of. This accessories store is so awesome man! Like not only do they have the greatest accessories you can find, they also sell some punk clothing and lingerie. Like corsets and petticoats.

accessories, heart, necklace, earrings, rings, bracelet, pink, red, rhinestones, snake, skull, squid, tucan, frog,
I want that heart necklace! ;___;

hello kitty, cheetah print, parasol, wallet, bag, sanrio,
Hello Kitty Cheetah print bags

lingerie, cheetah print, bra, panties, underwear, corset, rihanna, rude boy, mannequin, witch hat,

This mannequin reminds me of the art style in Rihanna's "Rude Boy" Video.

wig, salon, hello kitty, sanrio,

One of the employee wanted to take a group shot of us for the store's blog. I know I got cut off of that picture because I was all the way in the back wearing black lol

new york lolitas, lolitas, lolita fashion, japanese fashion, japanese, japanese meet, corset, baby the stars shine bright, angelic pretty, lucky pack, lolita print, punk lolita, classic lolita,
Group shot 

graffiti, graffiti art, art,
Graffiti art
I love graffiti art. I love the relationship of the colors in this piece but since it was so cold I didn't get a chance to stare at it for long. Especially to scan it to see who was the artist. After the walk the girls that were left shopped around Uniqlo, Forever 21, and H&M. From there we went home. Overall besides the confusion in the beginning, I enjoyed myself. I just hope the next meet up could be a bit more organized with less minor drama. ~Till next time!

Me and Andrea
~Thanks for reading!


  1. Awh this seemed very fun! You all look so cute!
    All that food <33!

  2. I'm sorry there was so much craziness D: Hopefully the next meet can be more pleasant and organized! Btw, the accessories shop is Patricia Fields on Bowery :3

  3. Banny: Thanks Banny! It was fun besides the mini problems! Oh man the food made that day even better!!

    Dokidokideux: Omg Thanks so much for telling me the stores name!! I wanna go back *AGAIN* and buy some beaniees!! I'm hoping another meet will pop up and it will be more social! I just hope by then some taobao orders can be made!

  4. hello! Your blog is really cute. All of you looked really cute dressed up! I love dolly wink!! <3

    1. Jennifer: Thanks so much Jennifer!! Dolly winks are so awesome! <3