Sunday, October 28, 2012

❤☠NYC Gal-O-Ween Meet☠❤ October 27th 2012

Yesterday I attended my first Gal meet. (^O^)/

I was pretty excited for this one considering it would be my first. I had no idea what costume to get, I wanted to be a sexy officer but just decided to dress in Lolita. I was hoping to network and meet some Gals in my state but unfortunately not that many showed up. I kinda have a feeling it's hurricane Sandy's fault lol. The weather was a little weird also. It started out warm then around noon it got so cold then humid. I seriously don't know whats going on but this weather is making me quite sick... Regardless of the sucky weather though it was pretty fun. I first met up with a gal who goes by Glee, moments later Usagi showed up. We all decided to take a seat in Bryant park and wait for more Gals to show up.
heirofglee usagiipyon
Usagi and Glee
Usagi and me
heirofglee usagiipyon
Usagi, me, and Glee
While we were sitting and having a convo we were approached by this sweet cali guy. He just moved to the area and decided to explore Bryant park's holiday Market. Since he was new and also into Anime, and Japanese fashion so we decided to take him to Kinokuniya. 

heirofglee usagiipyon
Looking Through Gal mags

Kera, Happie nuts, and ageha Japanese Fashion Magazines.
The Last November Issue to Happie nuts T________T With Murua Stickers
Happie nuts December 2012 Issue. Hoping to come back purchase this!
Was seriously too tall and had to bend for a full outfit shot lol
After roaming around we decided to sit down in the cafe just to check if any more girls would sho up, so to kill time we took more photos and talked a bit.

Usagi and I

Sweet Cali Guy and Glee
Me with Sweet Cali guy
Me and Glee
heirofglee usagiipyon
Glee, me, Usagi, and Cali guy.

Glee, me, Usagi, and Cali guy. 
We were taking pictures in front of the elevator and exactly what I said would happen did,  the door opened and we were greeted by the stores security guard lol Talk about akwarrddd. He even hovered over us while we took more shots lol...

While we were taking pics Amber Showed up. We all greeted then walked around 42nd street to go get curry. Since it was packed we all decided to walk around some more.

amanikitty amber
Amber and Usagi

We finally decided to eat at a restaurant called Gyu-Kaku. Gyu-kaku is a Japanese BBQ restaurant that serves an assortment of meats you grill yourself. As soon as we reached we said our good byes to Cali guy because he had to leave.

heirofglee usagiipyon
Thats the grill set in the middle of the table. When the food started my vision became blurred >..>
Gyu kaku Menu

Amber waiting on the food lol 

Cherry Blossom Margarita (♥ó㉨ò)ノ♡ 
This drink was so good.  The flavor was very unique and incredible tasty. It also wasn't strong at all.

 After Diner Usagi Had to leave early which left me, Glee, and Amber. We decided to head to K-Town for some dessert at a cafe called tous les jours. Before our journey we ran into some tourist from China who asked to take some pictures with them. So I decided to take a picture with them as well lol

Tourist =D Very sweet guy <3

This strawberry shortcake was so goooooddd argghhhhhhh. I was so depressed when It was finished!!.... ( ≧Д≦) 。
Strawberry Shortcake So good 。・゚゚・(>д<;)・゚゚・。
Strawberry Shortcake and Taro bubble tea.

I love powdered sugar on strawberries...It remind me of Christmas

After The lovely desserts we headed to Victorias secret on 34th. They just renovated it and oh my gosh it's so beautiful there I wish it was my house (*´;ェ;`*) ....Even the bathroom was beautiful..besides the mess filthy customers made in it...-____-

Taking more shots lol

That bag those sparkles (*O*)
Ma*rs Cough cough print replica lol
 I wonder if I'm the only one that noticed that though lol. A Totally Ma*rs print lol This bra is a want! Wish they had this in a two piece.

Victorian style mirror I would love to take home!

Everyone's cameras are out lol

My eye lol

After this we all headed home. Overall it was a great day =) Totally looking forward to more meets in the future. Hopefully by then there shall be a new purikura booth. The only thing this meet was missing T.T

~Thnx for reading! <3


  1. Wow. Thanks for posting all of my dertderdurr faces. LOL.

  2. Lol You wouldn't keep your face straight man! {O'W'O}

  3. That strawberry shortcake looks so good!!! I've given your blog a liebster award!

  4. Right!? I can't with sweets! I just wish I had another slice ;___;